Road America Winter Autocross Series

As winter blankets the landscape in frost, the Friction Master brake brand embarks on a remarkable journey through the challenging world of winter autocross. Winter autocross, a motorsport where precision meets icy turns, becomes the ultimate proving ground for our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Throughout the season, our dedicated team at Friction Master not only navigated the frosty courses but also put our cutting-edge brake products to the ultimate test on our development vehicles. The winter autocross series served as a rigorous testing ground, allowing us to assess the performance, durability, and responsiveness of our brakes under extreme cold conditions.

In a triumphant season, Friction Master clinched a remarkable 2nd place overall in the series. Our skilled drivers expertly maneuvered through the snow-packed turns, showcasing not only their talent but also the superior braking capabilities of our products. This achievement stands as a testament to the meticulous development and relentless testing that goes into every Friction Master brake.

As we conquered the winter autocross challenges, our development vehicles played a pivotal role in refining our brake technology. The icy twists and turns provided real-world data, allowing us to fine-tune and enhance the performance of Friction Master brakes, ensuring they deliver unparalleled precision and reliability in the harshest conditions.

Beyond the thrill of competition, our winter autocross journey reinforces Friction Master’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in brake technology. Each slide, drift, and controlled stop is not just a victory on the track; it’s a testament to the dedication we pour into creating brakes that excel in every driving scenario.

Looking ahead, Friction Master embraces the valuable insights gained from the winter autocross series. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation remains unwavering as we leverage the challenges of the icy tarmac to forge brakes that redefine excellence in the automotive industry.