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Patented Technologies

VSS™ Shim

A multi-layered shim using patented VSS ™ technology (Vulcanized Silencing System)

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Ideal brake disc slot pattern for high performance applications

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Infrared Scorching

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Synthetic Brake Lubricant

Ceramic High Performance
Brake Lubricant

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Distinctive Brand Advantages

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Brakes Specialists

Our focus on brakes has allowed us to develop and refine the Friction Master brand for more than 39 years, earning the trust of both consumers and industry professionals. . We are enthusiasts who create top-quality braking products for fellow enthusiasts.

Brakes for Any<br />
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Brakes for Any
Fitment Type

From daily driver to a serious racer, we have you covered. In our determination to deliver specific solutions to our customers, our Friction Master brand features four different lines of street pads to accommodate any budget or situation.

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First to the Market
with New Parts

Our catalog is updated monthly or sometimes even weekly to include the newest applications on the market. And all of our designing and engineering work is done in the USA.

Always Consider Matching Brake Pads with Rotors

We value your driving experience most. By combining two perfectly compatible rotors and pads into one box, we maximize the performance and durability of your vehicle to make your driving safer and more pleasurable.

Auto Component of the Year 2018

Auto Component of the Year 2018

Road America 2nd Place 2021

Road America 2nd Place 2021

Innovative Manufacturing and Quality Control

Our manufacturing and quality control processes take place in the USA, Mexico, Korea and China. All manufacturing facilities are ISO/TS16949 certified with products certified for each local market such as AMECA (USA), ECE R90 (EU), EAC (Eurasian Customs Union), and many more. And Friction Master® tests its products exhaustively as well: in the lab, on the street and, most importantly, on the track.